Immune Overload


The misconception that vaccines contain a large amount of the pathogens (antigens) that the body cannot handle 
and therefore can cause adverse reactions


There are LESS antigens in vaccines than ever. Smallpox alone had over 200, inactivated Pertussis had over 3,000, in 1980 there were more than 15,000. Today there are 125-173 antigens.
So even IF the immune system could be overloaded, vaccines do not overload the immune system.
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Top Reasons Why Imuune overload is a misconception 

Everyday a child is exposed to countless bacteria and viruses

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  1. During the birthing process, the newborn is leaving a sterile environment to being exposed to millions of bacteria from the mother's birth canal. 
  2. In daycare, children are exposed to other children who do not wash their hands from using the bathroom. 
  3. Playing outside around the dirt 
  4. A mother's lips contains millions of bacteria and virus that can be passed on to her children when she kisses them
  5. Jumping into a puddle
  6. Touching the toys within the play area that aren't constantly being sanitized during the day
  7. Touching the many doorknobs that enter into and out of the bathroom
  8. Sleeping on a pillowcase that has not been unchanged for a while
  9. Public amusement parks and waterparks 
  10. A cellphone screen and computer keyboard trap and contain millions of bacteria and viruses that can be transported by touch and expose children 
  11. And many more to list...
An infant's immune system is stronger than aspected. The number of antibodies present in the blood can theoretically have the ability to respond to around 10,000 vaccines at one time for babies. If a child was given the 14 scheduled vaccines at once, those 14 vaccines would only "use up" to slightly more than 0.1% of a child's immune capacity. But it is never in fact "used up" since the bone marrow is contantly making more cells. The immune system is able to handle the amount given in vaccines since and immune cells in the body are constantly being replenished. 

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How Vaccines Strengthen Your Baby’s Immune System infographic.