Myth: Vaccines Contain Harmful Ingredients

 Debunking Vaccine Ingredient Myths 

When parents review a list of all the ingredients found in vaccines, their first reaction is often "Wow, my child is being injected with all those harmful substances?!". Many of the names found on the ingredients list look scary and long. However, all ingredients used are necessary to make the vaccine functional. Although there are ingredients that cause harm when used in larger amounts, only a small amount of ingredients is used in vaccines. They are usually measured in dosages of milliliters, with active ingredients making up only half a milliliter. 

    Here we will examine a few reasons that debunk the myth that vaccines may be harmful due to the harmful ingredients found in them.


1. Some of the ingredients found in vaccines are also made naturally by the body or are broken down by the body. Ingredients such as formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid and amino acids. Hydrochloric acid is converted to an anion and cation as soon as it enters our body and does not do harm in small amounts. Formaldehyde is naturally found in the body but it can be broken down into formate and carbon dioxide.

 2. Many ingredients found in vaccines are found in foods we consume daily. MSG is an ingredient found in peas and grape juice. Aluminum is naturally found in fruits, vegetables and meet. Mercury is found in different fish. Gelatin is found in Jell-O. Formaldehyde is found in bananas as well. 

3. Viruses or bacteria are also inserted into vaccines, but in a weakened form that does not create severe symptoms. These are introduced to our body in order for us to create immunity against the pathogen. 


4. Another ingredient that has created many concerns is the usage of thimerosal, an organic compound containing a tiny amount of mercury. It acted as a preservative and killed deadly bacteria, but because of the mercury component, parents linked it to autism and other serious problems in children. Even after this ingredient was removed from vaccines, the number of children with autism did not decrease, bringing down the myth that this ingredient causes these problems. 


5. There are many myths that mention ingredients of vaccines including antifreeze, aborted fetal tissue etc. Antifreeze is not found in vaccines, however it is found in products such as skin cream or toothpaste. Vaccines do not contain aborted fetal tissues, however some viruses found in vaccines need a living cell to grow so human cells can be used as mediums for viral replication.  


    All ingredients found in vaccines make vaccines functional. Vaccines go through many phases before coming out on the market to test their safety.  

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Source: World Health Organization

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